"I am a presence, a vision and at the same time the most real thing you will ever see, i dont have a name, I never needed one. But you can call me exulansis, I've been watching you for a while and i can say from your results. I am, very interested..."
-Exulansis, Chapter 3: Involuntary

Exulansis. Also know as "The Presence or The Entity" is a rogue cosmic being from beyond the boundaries of the universe in a zone know as "The Great Core", Once serving as a close servant of the creator Solaris, he know watches over the planet Teva-X8 where he serves as a semi Antagonistic Neutral character introduced from Chapter 2 Onward on Exulansis Episodes.

He plays a very important role of a god like figure in the series who guides Ilidian and some other characters around by cryptic messages and sightings.

The Entire Webcomic is named after him.

History Edit

Creation Era Edit

Prewar Edit

After rebelling against Solaris, the Sprouts, The Mechlevikittan Republic and the Xepthos in the Earlier Days, Exulansis wandered about experimenting with his now free to use powers, finally after some successful creations like The Hollows and other monstrosities he settled on the then abandoned planet Teva-X8 to run his most ambitious experiment. He created two intelligent races The Dragons and the Pegasi to watch them interact with eachother to see how two completely different intelligent races managed to survive with the other's company, he introduced himself as a god to both