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  • edit Ilidian Calhoun
    edited by DasPatch diff
  • new page Ilidian Calhoun
    created by DasPatch
    New page: Ilidian Calhoun Aldan Aliases Ily, ExUnity Girl (by SGD), Lili (by her sister), Calhoun, Repair Girl,The Incident Survivor...
    Added photo:
  • new page Chapters
    created by DasPatch
    New page: Exulansis Episodes contain a total of sixteen chapters, every chapter has a unique name based around the themes explored in said chapter. The...
  • new page Exulansis
    created by DasPatch
    New page: [Not Known] Aliases Exulansis, The Entity, The Stalker, The Destroyer, The Haunting Presence, The Watcher. Relatives None ...

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